Rhino Grasshopper Tutorial

Rhino Grasshopper Tutorial

  1. Great tutorial….. thx
    I really like your works.

    Arch. Andrea Graziano
    “DigitAG&” blogger

  2. Thank you for sharing your work.
    It will be very helpful to my team.
    Keep in touch.


  3. Lutsak Dmytro said:

    this file is damaged.

  4. Woo Jae said:

    Which file do you mean. For me, all of them are fine.

  5. nardo said:

    Very nice! Thanks for your work.

  6. Lutsak Dmytro said:

    I mean PDF one.

    • Woo Jae said:

      I don’t think so. Check out your internet connection. It is a big file which will take some time for downloading.

  7. Dane said:

    thanks for this!


    Lutsak Dmytro: idk if your problem has been solved by now, but I was having the same exact problem, but it worked once i right-clicked and did “Save Link As”

  8. Dmytro Lutsak said:

    I still can’t download entire the file. I can download just some part of it, but it’s impossible to download it fully.
    Plz anybody, upload it on rapidshare. I will appreciate your help for me !
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Michael said:

    I also battled to download.
    Gets to 99% and has an error. Tried twice, both times gets to 99% with Firefox.
    Perhaps if you have it on a mirrored link too.

  10. Michael said:

    Tried again. Only downloads 21 megs and download completes.
    Can’t open the pdf file. Says it’s corrupted.
    Download many other larger pdf’s fine. Only this one giving trouble.
    Hope you can provide another download location.

  11. Woo Jae said:

    Thanks for letting me know. For now I have no other place for uploading. I will get back to you guys soon with another link.

  12. Dmytro Lutsak said:

    @ Woo Jae

    Ok. I will wait.

  13. Dmytro Lutsak said:

    Thanks for your work Woo Jae !
    I just downloaded pdf one, works fine.

  14. saurabh chhabra` said:

    hey i m a new user of grasshopper and while i started testing some of the tutorials from an e-book i found on net in the task when we have to select multiple points the computer screen goes blank although working on the background but theres nothing displayed on the screen.
    i cant even proceed to the next level of tutorials because same problem continues.

    currently i m using Rhino 4 SR 2

    with system config as:

    Dual core 64 AMD
    2gb ram
    128 graphics card
    windows Xp home edition

    if anyone has the solution to this promblem please do let me know thanks

    • Woo Jae said:

      Saurabh – Sorry that I have no idea with your problem. Why don’t you install sr5b, the latest service release. Or you can ask your problem to grasshopper discussion forum at http://www.grasshopper3d.com.

  15. saurabh chhabra said:

    sir i had already put that on the discussion forum at grasshopper3d but no one replied to me
    i had also posted the query at google groups discussion portal but same result no reply

  16. Jenny Zhan said:

    I’m confused about the beginning part. When you assign 3 points on the block, do I have to hook those points with grasshopper? I couldnt make it work….

    • Woo Jae said:

      I am confused too. Which three points on what page do you mean?

  17. tricky P said:

    Great work – keep the tutorials coming!

    I’m having a slight problem with one step. Page 17 (I think step 15) where you are finding the intersections of each section with the joined bezier curves. I can cull out three edges (coming out as planar curves) but i cant get the 4th (i can only get out sections of it). What parameters are you setting for the cull pattern?


  18. David Griffin said:

    I am having the same issue as tricky P. Do you have an answer yet?

  19. Woo Jae said:

    sorry guys, I didn’t have chance to look at it yet. I will get back to you guys as soon as possible. Thanks.

  20. Woo Jae said:

    Guys, I just took a look at it, and for this thing, I used cull pattern like T-F-F-F / F-T-F-F / F-F-T-F/F-F-F-T. And note that this tutorial is based on 5.xx version.

  21. David said:

    If I may, I was having difficulties at that step as well. It turns out that if I did not also cull the tangent vectors (pulled from the normals of the surfaces), the result would be a strange number of Bezier Spans being joined together, resulting in a cull that would not work. As soon as I culled the tangent vectors the same as I did the points that would become the starts and ends of the curves, the cull worked like a charm. The four culls I then used were T,F,F,F F,T,F,F F,F,T,F and F,F,F,T.

  22. David said:

    Spoke too soon. Now when I attach the “Line-Like Curves” culled from the exploded surface (STEP0117 on Page 19/47) to the Loft, I get nothing. No error, no warnings, but also no loft. The Loft output says “84 Locally Defined Values” but they are all “Null”.

    • Woo Jae said:

      This tutorial was based on 0.5.0099, which you can get from GH website.

      • David said:

        Is the latest version broken or simply different?


      • Woo Jae said:

        They are different especially in their data structure. That is why sometimes you even cannot open gh file from previous version.

      • Chalaquito said:

        i can download! thanks!

  23. David said:

    I’m still struggling through it, it’s really quite enlightening.

    When I intersect the scaled surfaces with the bezier curves during the multiple brep section, I have 84 surfaces intersecting 4 curves, like I should (since I divided the initial curves into 20 segments, 4 curves X 20 segments = 84 Points creating 84 surfaces). Somehow, however, the Surface/Curve intersection is outputting 84 Points for only two of the intersections, the other two are outputting 88. I cannot figure out any reason for the extra points. Any ideas?

  24. David said:

    I’d be willing to send you my definitions file if it would help and you have the time.

  25. dforrest said:

    quick question, I think it might be because I have a different version of grasshopper, but whenever in page STEP013 I cant seem to plug both d_max and d_min r values onto the L evaluation slot, I opened up the source file and when I disconnected and reconnected, it would not let me have both of them connected. How can I get around it?

  26. lpallagi said:


    To connect multiple outputs to the same input hold down the Shift key. A little + sign should appear at the cursor and you can connect as usual. Using the Control key will show a – sign and will disconnect the same line or disconnect all lines on the input node depending on what you’re trying to connect in.

  27. Chalaquito said:

    Mr. Woo Jae Sung:

    I tried to download this tutorial but the system says me that the file is damaged. I’d like know if you can upload the archive again or send to me at mail gerbac13@gmail.com, i’ll be very gratefull with you!

    Thank you very much!

  28. Akché said:

    Thanks Woo

  29. jeng said:

    thanks for the tutorial. But do you have some tutorials for beginners?
    I just started using Rhino last month and now I am planning to study Grasshopper. If you have can you share me a link. thanks. :)

  30. Andy said:

    Hi, I am working through the tutorial but am stuck at step 01_02 where we are to “Calculate the ratio of D_max and D as well as D_min and D, using a 2 var function”, I have searched the component tray many times and have yet to find a two variable function, any help negotiating this step would be appreciated.

  31. chansoo said:

    Thank so tremendously for providing this materials. It really helps for beginners like me. Just trying to start GH!

  32. maxel99 said:

    Hello Woo Jae,
    I have been enjoying your tutorials and have been trying to work around changes to grasshopper – using the current version 9. Usually its fine but I am struggling with the loft command of pages 19-20.

    I am adding a ‘flatten list’ to the end of the ‘join’ so that the loft can read it but even after adding the ‘shift -1’ command the loft continues to look like it did on page 19 and never cleans itself to look like the 20. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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