Bentley Academic Be Inspired Awards

2009 Bentley Academic Be Inspired Awards
in the Computational Design Competition

Honorable Mention
Teamwork with Chulmin Park
Classwork of spring 2008, Component Architecture Class
Prof. Dana Cupkova @ Cornell University.





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7 Responses to “Bentley Academic Be Inspired Awards”

  1. ddelgiu Says:

    great result!

  2. Woo Jae Says:


  3. Ki Chan Says:

    I am proud of you as a Korean architect.

  4. Woo Jae Says:

    감사합니다. ^^

  5. Chulmin Says:

    형 재인이한테 티셔츠 잘 받았어염..감사~

  6. Woo Jae Says:


  7. Dmytro Lutsak Says:

    Hi from Ukraine.
    I am totally impressed of your works, especially of this, great dynamic.

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