Rhino Grasshopper Worksample


rhino + definition file download

  1. Thom said:

    thank you for the files, i would like to study those, but unfortunately i get an error saying “IO generated nn messages, would you like to see them now”? and either I say yes or no the file cannot be opened,

    I don’t get why since I open the 3dm file before.
    I understand that this Input output problem is because some geometry in grasshopper file are not referenced with an object in Rhino, but I don’t know how to do…
    Do you have an idea about that?

  2. Thom said:

    never mind i figured it out
    it was a version problem
    thanks for the blog !

  3. I recently discovered this website Rhino Grasshopper Worksample WooJae’s Blog by using Yahoo such a enjoyment… Peace ! Rob Rasner Facebook

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