Rhino Grasshopper Tutorial

grasshopper tutorial(woojsung.com)

pdf download(8.7mb)

source file download(250kb)

  1. ervin said:

    …thx a lot for sharing your knowledge! appreciate that very much….

  2. AAb said:

    excellent material – much much appreciated and required for further education. keep up the good work.

  3. jessicain said:

    thanks so much for creating this tutorial!

    I was just wondering what build of grasshopper you were using when you wrote it?

    • Woo Jae said:

      It was 0.6.0012. If you want to check out version for a ghx file, go to your GH install folder, open GH_IO_Viewer.exe file and go to file/open and browse the file you want to check. On the left pan, look up plugin-version tap.

  4. vh1tv1 said:

    hi woo and thx for your tutorial . can U introduce some good books to me for learning advanced modeling with rhino ? thx again

  5. TYP said:

    Excellent work… Thx so much for ur very very useful tutorial!

  6. Robert White said:

    Hi Woo-

    I am trying to follow the tutorial in v 0.60059 and when I write the VB script provided in the tutorial, it gives me the following runtime error message:

    “Error: Overload resolution failed vecasue no accessible ‘New’ can be called without a narrowing conversion.”

    There is a message for each line that calls for “As New”

    Any suggestions?


  7. joeri said:

    brilliant stuff and inspring work. I currently investigating generative product design, thanks to you tutorials.
    BTW what font do you use in the tuts? it is very nice as well

  8. Madalin said:

    I appreciate your blog. It is very kind of you to share this tutorials with us.
    I’ve been trying to go trough this tutorial but somehow I can’t get the Vb Script to work. I keep getting the following error: “Index is out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.”
    Please help me solve this problem
    Thank you

    p.s. in the newest version of grasshopper, the way points are numbered is different, each row starting from 0. may this be the source of the problem?

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