Digital Workshops + Lectures @ Syracuse Architecture

Digital Workshops + Lectures @ Syracuse Architecture

 April 10th 2010 / GH version 6.0059

pdf download(zip 2.6m) session1

pdf download(zip 9.9m) session2

working files(zip 0.2m)

  1. I’m getting redirected to a Korean? website when I try to download the workshop files. Please send an update when the download is fixed.

  2. elham said:

    would you tell me about drawing plan with parametric softwares ? how can i design a parametric plan. what i have seen about parametric design contains volume and skin how about building plan & circulation?

    • Woo Jae said:

      Yes you can draw “parametric plan” with Grasshopper. However, I highly doubt Grasshopper is useful for it. There are plenty of parametric tools out there better for your purpose,,,,

  3. 좋은 자료 감사드립니다. 열심히 공부해보렵니다. :) 새해 복 많이 받으세요.

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