Grasshopper VB workshop @ Harvard GSD

Grasshopper VB workshop @ Harvard GSD
(Intermediate Landscape as Digital Media by David Mah)
Nov 18th 2011 / GH version 8.0052

PDF download (ENG)

PDF download (KOR)

Workshop Files download


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7 Responses to “Grasshopper VB workshop @ Harvard GSD”

  1. geneticdata Says:

    감사합니다. ^^

  2. Phil Shapiro Says:

    Thank you for sharing your work, its very interesting and I have already passed it on to others that have an interest in the subject.


  3. leejaekyung Says:

    이런 유용한 자료를 배포해 주셔서 정말 감사합니다.

  4. Snoh Says:

    Thank you for sharing your Work!!
    감사합니다 ;)

  5. Landscape in Grasshopper « Janice Chen Says:

    […] The Blog Website: […]

  6. Nancy Says:

    Is there a version of these files for the most current Rhino and grasshopper? It would be really helpful!

  7. Flow Path | Says:

    […] vertical flow path along a geometry. It is based on the method laid out by Woojae Sung in this Blog Article. It takes the approach of using the surface normal and Rhino’s z direction to create vector […]

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